Best Practices

ITNetGroup feels that the following standards and practices should be expected of quality computer consultants and we strive to follow these guidelines whenever possible.

  • ITNetGroup will use a letter of intent or written contract for all substantial engagements.
  • ITNetGroup will ensure that issues of ownership and use of the work product are clear before starting the contract.
  • ITNetGroup, if unable to professionally complete part or the entire contract, will be forthright and will offer to aid the client in finding resources to complete the contract satisfactorily.
  • ITNetGroup will strive to avoid improprieties, as well as the appearance of improprieties.
  • ITNetGroup will either attempt to transfer the knowledge to the client or else suggest that the clients secure a backup source of long term support. ITNetGroup will devote a significant portion of time in continuing education.
  • When using subcontractors, ITNetGroup will use a no compete clause to restrict the subcontractors from working directly with their clients for a specified period of time. If the prime contractor uses a non-compete clause in their contracts, the term of the non-compete should be one year or less.
  • ITNetGroup principals and employees will promote ethical behavior to other consultants as well as the industry in general.